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design: A69-architekti, s.r.o. and Caraa.cz s r.o.


design: A69-architekti, s.r.o.

Unfinished Sympathy

A personal tribute to Georges Seurat. More info to come…

Penthouse interior

design: Barbora Kopečná, Ondřej Kopečný

Slezska Terraces Update

It was a pleasure to return. Two alternative extra shots.

Villa HVR

design: A69-architekti, s.r.o.

Obrazek Retreat

design: Michal Nohejl

Forky House

design: A69-architekti, s.r.o.


… when I have been preparing source materials for my webpage, I have in the beginning written a few hundreds of words about my work, my pictures. After a month I have removed half of them as they appeared to me to be either trivial or to be describing things that are visible. After another time period I kept removing and deleting other parts and then another ones until no text was left. Uh-huh, that is good. To show the essential through continuous reduction of ballast and to do things the right way – that is how it should be. Enjoy!